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You understand you will be in a shared facility; as such, there may be a number people from various entrepreneurial entities working in these shared facilities at any given time. You fully understand that it is entirely up to you, and it is your responsibility, to safeguard all of your personal property, including securing and maintaining any insurance against loss or damage to any such property. You are solely responsible for any loss of property that may occur. The following is a list of behaviors considered unacceptable. Any persons found engaging in these behaviors will be subject to eviction from The Harbor EC:

1. Willfully damaging, destroying, or stealing property belonging to fellow employees or the company.

2. Fighting or engaging in horseplay or disorderly conduct.

3. Coming into The Harbor under the influence of any illegal drug or bringing illegal drugs onto company property.

4. Using threatening or abusive language.

5. Willfully or habitually violating safety or health regulations.

6. Not taking proper care of, neglecting, or abusing all shared and Harbor provided equipment and tools.

7. Possessing firearms or weapons of any kind in The Harbor.

8. You agree that you shall duly observe and conform to all requirements of governmental authorities relating to the conduct of your business, or to your property or assets.

9. You agree to keep your space clean and to also assist the Harbor in keeping community areas clean and looking professional at all times.

10. Should you choose to install or utilize a locking system on your space. You will provide to the Executive Director and to the Resident Entrepreneur an extra key or combination so that the area could be entered into should an emergency occur.

11.Use of the Harbor keys/fobs or combinations: Based on your location, the Harbor may provide you will a key or fob to access the entrances of the location. Should you be provided with a physical key or fob, you agree to return the key or fob back to the Executive Director or Resident Entrepreneur on your final day of residency. Should you not return the key or fob, you will be assessed an invoice for payment at $50 per key or fob. In addition, you agree that if you are given a combination as the method of entry, that the combination will not be shared with anyone who is not an individual associated professionally with your business/organization.

Confidentiality in a Shared Work Environment

You agree to the below Confidential Information Non-Disclosure Policy:

You understand that working at The Harbor with other entrepreneurs, you may be exposed to confidential or proprietary information belonging to others, including discoveries, technologies, ideas, concepts, papers, codes, designs, drawings, specifications, techniques, models, prototypes, data, documentation, manuals, diagrams, research and other know how. The environment creates a relationship of special confidence and trust between you and the others in the space with respect to any confidential or proprietary information of others. Therefore, you agree that you will not publish or otherwise disclose any confidential or proprietary information of others to any third party, nor use any such confidential information for the benefit of either yourself or anyone else without a specified agreement to do so. You understand that you will be responsible for safeguarding your own confidential information and that you may wish to have third parties with access to your confidential information execute specific confidentiality agreements to protect it. You hereby represent, warrant and covenant that your activities do not, and will not, infringe the proprietary and/or intellectual property rights of any third party.


You shall indemnify, defend and hold each of The Harbor Entrepreneur Center aka The Harbor Accelerator aka The Harbor and their respective officers, employees, volunteers, agents and consultants, harmless from and against any and all claims, lawsuits and other civil actions or proceedings commenced or threatened against any such indemnified party by any third party (“Third Party Claims”), and damages, awards, losses, liabilities, settlements, judgments, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, interest awards, litigation costs, and attorneys’ fees awards) incurred by any such indemnified party and resulting from or arising out of Third Party Claims (“Losses”), in each case, to the extent resulting or arising from (i) the material untruth, inaccuracy or breach (or any facts or circumstances constituting such untruth, inaccuracy or breach) of any of the representations, warranties and/or agreements made by you herein or in any other agreement between you and The Harbor and/or (ii) your acts, omissions and operations at The Harbor facility. Neither The Harbor nor any of their respective officers, employees, volunteers, agents and/or consultants, assume any responsibility and shall not be held liable for the success or failure of the individuals, company or respective team’s business development or fundraising efforts, nor is there any assumption of a fiduciary responsibility for the use of any investment and/or loans to the venture.

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